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Monthly Committed Use Discounts
Pricing on TrackDrive is determined by your minimum monthly spend. Commit to a greater amount to receive a larger discount.

Monthly Commit 1 Numbers 2 Inbound 3 Outbound 4 SMS Out 5 SMS In SMS In/Out Toll Free Per API Action 6 Leads Per Day 7 Rejected Call Fee 8
Pay As You Go $2.50 $0.0500 $0.0500 $0.0035 FREE $0.0035 $0.0020 50 Thousand $0.0250
$50 $2.00 $0.0350 $0.0300 $0.0035 FREE $0.0035 $0.0015 100 Thousand $0.0200
$250 $1.00 $0.0325 $0.0250 $0.0035 FREE $0.0035 $0.0010 200 Thousand $0.0050
$1000 $1.00 $0.0300 $0.0200 $0.0035 FREE $0.0035 $0.0008 500 Thousand $0.0200
$4000 $1.00 $0.0250 $0.0150 $0.0035 FREE $0.0035 $0.0005 1 Million $0.0150
$8000 $1.00 $0.0200 $0.0120 $0.0035 FREE $0.0035 $0.0003 2 Million $0.0100
Enterprise Already using/considering another platform? Want a Quote for a Higher Commit? Contact for a quote.

1 All Inbound/Outbound Prices include adding the buyer to the conference if the buyer number is Toll Free or SIP (for local add $0.007)

2 Static Number Pools can be used for dialing; however, for reputation of numbers, a TrackDrive Pristine Numbers Subscription is suggested for outbound dialing

3 Inbound Calls are billed in Full Minute Increments rounded UP to the nearest minute

4 Outbound Calls are billed at 12/6 (meaning 12 second min with 6 second increments, e.g a 4 second call is billed for 12 seconds, 13 second call billed for 18)

5 All SMS Numbers must be registered with thru TrackDrive as a campaign service provider

6 This fee is charged when the following schedule action types are processed: AWS S3 Upload Add To Schedule Block Lead Choice Data Append Email FTP Upload Infusionsoft Mailchimp Mailgun Manage Zoho CRM Modify Lead Offer Create Opt-Out Lead Restart Schedule Schedule Create Sengrid Wait For Webhook POST

7 This is the maximum number of leads you are allowed to submit per day. Need a higher limit? Contact

8 If we can't route a call and REJECT it, this is the fee for rejecting calls. This fee is NOT incurred if the caller is blocked.


At TrackDrive, our customers tell us they want us to be a strategic partner, not a transactional vendor. They want us to apply our decades of market experience to help them meet their goals. And we do.
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Are there any onboarding fees?

Trackdrive does not charge onboarding fees.

Do you offer discounts?

TrackDrive offers discounts to high volume customers. Please call our team at 855 387 8288 for more information.

Do you offer customer support?

TrackDrive offers multiple levels of support. We offer phone support, online chat support, and email support.

Can you help me with my account?

TrackDrive offers live video support with our specialists. Chat with us on our website or email us to set up a support session.

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