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Lead To Call Automation

At TrackDrive, we understand the importance of automation. Our Lead To Call Automation will automatically initiate contact with leads by sending SMS, emails, and placing outbound calls. This is a dynamic and powerful tool that was designed and developed by us to give our users the ability to further automate and optimize their marketing campaigns.

Facebook Lead Ads Case Study:

Socialized Media is a Facebook Advertising Agency that specializes in lead generation. They operate in over 15 different verticals and are constantly on the search for better tools to streamline their automation.

When their CEO Joshua reached out to us for help; the TrackDrive team put together a robust tool that would automate the lead nurturing process and increase profitability. Check out the case study below:

  1. When Socialized Media generates a Facebook Lead, it is sent in real time to their TrackDrive Lead To Call Automation.
  2. As soon as TrackDrive receives the lead, an SMS & email is sent out. Example: Thanks for your interest in Home Insurance! We will be calling in 2 minutes from 1-800-547-8964
  3. 2 minutes later, TrackDrives IVR calls the leads as promised. If the lead doesn’t answer, it will try again in 15 minutes.


  • Revenues increased by 23%
  • Email open rates increased by 43%
  • They made 5x ROI by using TrackDrive compared to their old system of manually contacting leads.
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